Those who believe that the children of a few months are too small to appreciate the beauty of the books are wrong: many studies have shown that reading aloud to our children since they are very small has significant implications on their cognitive development and consolidates the bond between the parent and the child. In this article we want to offer you a series of tips , which come from experts but also from everyday experience, to read to small children and choose books suitable for them.

Tips for reading to young children

As the linguist Jessica Cancila explains

we must never forget that the book must not be an imposition , neither for children nor for adults. Read, read a lot with your children, but only when you feel like it, only when you recognize that this is the right time for both. It will take some tests, you will have to make some attempts and accept some failures. Reading could also be an activity in which parents have strong expectations : to raise a child or a child with certain characteristics, with certain abilities, but all these expectations, however understandable, should not be loaded on reading, or on their shoulders children, like a burden, a load. It is important instead that the reading is more similar to the game, in which one has fun, that the child is free to choose or refuse.

Books for children one year old | Tactile, non-woven, hardback books for children and babies But are there techniques for children to read?

Born to Read , the project to promote reading aloud to children born from the collaboration between pediatricians and librarians, organizes training courses for volunteers and parents. Here are their tips:

  • start reading when the child can sit alone and can interact with the book;
  • choose soft, tactile books, full of illustrations and colors, small and manageable;
  • read aloud by changing intonation , mimicking the emotions with the voice and indicating the objects drawn on the book by pronouncing their name correctly;
  • do not expect full attention from children, indulge their desire to touch the book, put it in your mouth, go back to the pages;